A guitar player with a nickname to match his epic proportions>>> "HOT LICKS BILL" is just that!

A man of Virginia, he's traveled all around this country spreading his sweet gypsy caravan rhythm and surfer king mountain rock. 

Billy has been in many Rappahannock native bands since the 1970's. He is locally famous for his work with THE OK's. He also played with Rhythm Method, River Shoes, and the Beet Nicks. 

Billy provides his own electric guitar persona with influences from >>>> the ventures + Robbie Robertson + Santana + Django Reinhardt. 


April 2014 William Abernathy weathered a stroke. The Music was an intricate part of his recovery

When William Abernathy had a stroke in April, his daughter, Kiaya, brought him his guitar as soon as he came to in the hospital. She knew that it would not only bring him comfort, but playing the guitar would help him regain some normalcy during his recovery.